How NAD+ Works In Energy Production

As we age, the amount of energy produced by the mitochondria starts to decline. So how can we rejuvenate this process and produce more energy as we age? Let's see how NAD+ can help and let's uncover the intricate journey of NAD+ as it interacts with nutrients, leading to the production of ATP energy.

Written by iPaskon

June 26, 2023

Table of Contents

1. The Role of NAD+

2. Mitochondria – The Powerhouse of the Cell
3. The Significance of NAD+ in Cellular Health
4. VIDEO – How NAD+ Works In Energy Production
Cellular health is the key to longevity! Deep within our cells lies an extraordinary component known as Mitochondria, responsible for producing ATP energy, the fuel for our bodies. Let’s explore the relationship between NAD+ and the mitochondria and how they work together to produce energy.


The Role of NAD+

NAD+ is a natural molecule synthesized from vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B3 (niacin) within the cell’s cytoplasm. The cytoplasm is a jelly-like substance that contains many cellular components and is the environment of which cellular synthesis takes place.

Once synthesized, NAD+ takes an important journey to the Golgi apparatus, where it interacts with nutrients from our diet, such as fats, lipids, sugars, and carbohydrates. As NAD+ continues to function, it eventually transforms into NADH, the reduced form of NAD+.

The Powerhouse of the Cell: Mitochondria

NADH, now ready to energize, proceeds to the mitochondria, the cellular powerhouses responsible for ATP energy production. Mitochondria consists of an outer membrane and an inner membrane, with the intermembrane space existing between them.

Within the intermembrane space, NADH becomes a key player in the energy production process. It transports nutrients and high-energy electrons to the outer mitochondrial membrane, where the mitochondria efficiently convert them into ATP energy—the life force that fuels our cells.

The Significance of NAD+ in Cellular Health

In essence, NAD+ acts as a cellular courier, delivering vital nutrients to the mitochondria, where the magic of ATP energy production occurs. Therefore, healthy supplementation of NAD+ can rejuvenate our cells and optimize energy production, leading to longer lives and an enhanced quality of life.

How NAD+ Works In Energy Production – VIDEO

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