Vitamins and Minerals are essential to our health and wellness. The aging process and quality of our life is directly linked to cellular nutrition. Toxins, heavy metals and free radicals can injure our cells causing structural damage to DNA and ultimately shorten our lifespan. The negative effects of poor cellular health are seen across all biological scales; thru body tissue, organ systems, cognitive behavior and physical performance.

Intravenous vitamin drips are injected directly into the blood stream. Our bodies can absorb 99% of vitamins injected by IV compared to only 8% of absorption for vitamins ingested orally. Special compounds like Chelation are designed to target heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium to dissolve them and dispose of them thru the urinary system. Anti-aging formulas like NAD (NAD+, NAD Plus) that contain Glutathione are designed to rejuvenate cells and reverse the effects of cellular aging.

IV Vitamin Drips are a proactive way of preventing illness, cleaning the walls of blood vessels, and slowing down the rate of cellular aging. So we can live a more higher quality of life.


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