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Let us take care of all your blood testing needs! We can manage your annual blood tests, male hormones, female hormones, cancer screening, liver function,  stem cell count and food intolerance (IgG Test) testing 222 types. We can also measure the levels of vitamins and minerals in your body.

Let’s take action on the findings in your blood test. We are prepared to help you treat any conditions that are found in your blood test results with IV vitamin nutrition, stem cell therapy and daily personalized vitamin packs prepared on a monthly basis.





The Most Important Health Test of the Year

Blood test results give patients a complete overview of their current health status. Annual blood tests will cover all areas of the human body and the results will provide insights on how to improve health conditions. Doctors recommend at least one complete blood test every year and based upon the results, further testing may be necessary. Patients must stop eating and drinking for at least 8 hours before annual blood testing. Blood test results are received within 1-7 days, depending on the complexity of tests ordered. When blood test results are received, certified Doctors of Medicine (MD.) will interpret the findings and explain the results to each patient.



Test Healthy Hormone Functionality

Hormones play an important role in managing the body’s processes. Hunger, blood pressure, sexual desire, and other bodily functions depend on healthy hormones to keep working properly. Male testosterone and female estrogen are the most common types of sex hormones. Sex hormones can provide insight on conditions such as erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, hair loss, decreased appetite, and much more. Male patients over 50 years of age and female patients nearing or concluding menopause are advised to checked their hormones annually. Blood testing for hormone levels are specially ordered and the results can be received within 3 days.



Test Food Sensitivity of 222 Types

Food intolerance tests will measure your body’s reaction with 222 types of food, such as: dairy, wheat, eggs, flour, fish, gluten, and much more! Most patients require this type of testing after experiencing symptoms related to food allergy or skin rash upon eating certain diets. Patients that have relocated to another country, experienced childbirth, menopause, or andropause may develop food sensitivity. Changes in the weather and climate or natural born allergies to food may also induce food intolerance. Food intolerance, or food sensitivity tests, are conducted with a single blood sample and results can be received within 7 days.



The Organ Responsible for Detoxification

The liver filters toxins from our body and this organ can become overworked if too many toxins are present on a daily basis. Liver function tests provide insight on the amount of work your liver is doing. Common types of liver function tests include Alanine Aminoransferase (ALT) and Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST). This type of blood test measures the amount of enzymes your liver releases into the bloodstream. If too much liver enzyme is found in the blood then the liver can be damaged. Liver damage can occur from heavy drinking, taking excessive medications, or result from other underlying disease complications.



The Only Way to Truly Know

Let’s be honest, we all want to avoid this type of blood test, but cancer screening is the only way to truly know if cancer is found in our bodies. Cancer screening can also be done by imaging tests, like MRI and CT Scans, or urine analysis, but we conduct cancer screening through blood tests. Cancer screening from a blood test can detect tumor markers, which are chemicals produced by cancer cells found in the bloodstream. More specifically, cancer screening from blood tests can detect blood cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, thyroid cancer, liver cancer, testicular cancer and colon cancer. Test results are usually returned within 3-4 days.



Measuring The Biological Marker of Aging

Chromosomes are the twisted structures found in our DNA and telomeres are the specific end-caps of the chromosome; like the plastic tips around the end of a shoelace. The length of telomeres are an indication of cellular aging. As we age, our cells age also and the telomeres can degenerate, or shorten in length. When telomeres reach a critical shortening, chromosomes fail to replicate thus causing our DNA structures to die. Telomere length tests provides insight on the current status of cellular age and the rate of which aging is occurring. Telomere length test results take some time and are usually returned within 14 days.


Lets take treatment action based on your blood test results



Replace Lost Vitamins & Minerals

Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy infuses the body with essential vitamins and minerals. Calculated amounts of vitamins and minerals can treat conditions such as fatigue, alcoholic hangovers, traveling jet lag, discolored nails, thinning hair, and much more. IV vitamin injection can also boost the immune system and detox the liver. Patients that suffer from toxins in the blood, like lead and mercury, can use Chelation to drain these toxins through the urinary system. Licensed Doctors prescribe IV vitamin treatments and 1 session takes approx. 30 minutes. Normally, 3-5 sessions are recommended for the best results.



Regenerate Damaged Organs & Body Tissue

Cell degeneration naturally occurs during the aging process. Everyone will experience cell degeneration in their lifetime, but now we have the possibility of prolonging this process. Stem cell therapy targets damaged organs and body tissue by sending health cells for repair. The most common type of stem cell therapy is Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) which comes from cord blood, bone marrow, and other healthy human tissue. Stem cells are specially ordered by a licensed Doctor and therapy treatment takes approx. 1-2 hours depending on how many millions of cells are being infused.



Stop Guessing What Vitamins You Need

Have you ever wondered what kind of vitamins to buy? Most people buy high dose Vitamin C and other expensive supplements, but is this really the amount of vitamins your body needs? We can prepare daily vitamin packs based on your blood test results. Personalized vitamin packs use a scientific approach in providing the exact amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs. When we test the blood, we can take an in-depth analysis of vitamin and mineral content and compare it to healthy adults of the same age, gender, body composition, and lifestyle. This type of analysis will provide the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs.


Dr. Nuttamon Le Men MD


Dr. Nuttamon Le Men MD (also known as Dr. Ann) is an alumni of Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA with a Post Graduate Diploma for Leadership in Medicine Southeast Asia Class of 2021 (HMS-LIM SEA 2021). Dr. Ann has been practicing for 17 years in Thailand and is certified in Applications of Nutrition in Medicine from the Nutrition Society of Australia, Sydney. Dr. Nuttamon Le Men MD manages the health and wellness of all patients at FRESH MEDIQ by analyzing blood tests, hormone levels, vitamin deficiency, and sustainable weight loss programs.

When she’s not operating FRESH MEDIQ, Dr. Ann can be found loving on her cats, eating all kinds of food, watching Japanese Anime, and hanging out with her best friends from Harvard Team 6!

First Time Patient Experience
Appointments are recommended, but walk-ins are always welcome.

¹  Complete our Patient Registration form that includes your basic contact details and medical history. Please document your complete medical history with any diseases or health conditions you may have and all the medicines you are currently taking.

² Consult with Dr. Nuttamon Le Men MD, our Health & Wellness specialist. The Doctor will give you honest advice and outline a testing plan that’s right for you.

³ Our staff will summarize your testing plan with pricing and appointment schedules. At this point, you can decide to accept the plan and pay a deposit or only pay the consultation fee* for further consideration.

* Consultation Fees are 300 THB and due after consultation with the Doctor. Consultation Fees are waived with deposit payment or full payment on testing plans.

Step-by-Step Procedures

Clear your schedule for 20 – 30 minutes and relax in the testing room. If you are in a rush, we can perform blood tests as fast as 15 minutes with an appointment.


First, we will document your vital signs and check your blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, height in centimeters (cm), and weight in kilograms (kg).


The nurse will prepare your blood testing forms by documenting your name and personal details. This information can also be copied from the initial patient registration form if it has already been completed on your first visit. Next, the nurse will prepare the appropriate testing tubes according to the testing plan outlined by the Doctor.


The nurse will gently collect samples of your blood and sterilize the collection point with alcohol before and after inserting the small needle. A small cotton ball and band aid will be applied to the collection point to stop any minimal bleeding. The blood samples will then be safely stored for transport to the laboratory.

Test Results & After Care

All blood test results are returned as a Hard Copy in-Clinic and PDF copy by email. Depending on the type of blood tests being performed, results can be available in 1 – 14 days. Our team will inform you by phone and email when the results have arrived. Patients are welcome to review their test results with the Doctor in-person to better understand the findings and reports. We can also interpret your test results by email with your permission by written consent.

We are prepared to help you treat any conditions that are found in your test results. For example, if poor liver function is discovered from heavy drinking, we can prepare a Liver Detox Program of IV Vitamin Infusions that will flush-out toxins from the liver and replenish internal organs back to normal function. Perhaps a vitamin or mineral deficiency is found, we can use your test results to prepare daily vitamin packets that specifically meet your nutritional needs on a monthly basis.

Helpful FAQ’s

What are the 3 main blood tests?

Complete Blood Count (CBC): Measures various components of the blood, including red and white blood cells, to evaluate your overall health and detect a variety of disorders, such as anemia and infection.

Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP): Assesses various chemicals in the blood and provides information about your metabolism, kidney function, and electrolyte balance.

Lipid Panel: Used to measure cholesterol levels, including low-density lipoprotein (LDL), high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and triglycerides, which can indicate risk for heart disease.

What can be detected in a blood test?

Blood tests can detect a wide range of conditions and diseases, such as:

– Nutritional Deficiencies

– Infections

– Blood Cancers

– Diabetes

– Kidney Disease

– Heart Disease

– Liver Dysfunction

Blood tests also help monitor the function of various organs, check the efficacy of certain medications, and confirm a diagnosed medical condition.

What are the most common blood tests?

Complete Blood Count (CBC): To evaluate overall health and detect a variety of diseases.

Chemistry Panel: To check the status of the heart, kidney, and liver.

Blood Glucose Test: To diagnose and manage diabetes.

Hemoglobin A1C: To gauge the management of diabetes over time.

Lipid Panel: To assess heart disease risk by measuring cholesterol levels.

Thyroid Function Test: To evaluate how well the thyroid is working.

Enzyme Markers: To assess heart and liver function.

What blood tests should a man or woman get?

While many blood tests are common for all genders, some specific tests might be recommended more routinely for men or women:

Blood Tests For Men

– Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA): To screen for prostate cancer.

– Testosterone Levels: To evaluate sexual health and diagnose testosterone deficiency.

Blood Tests For Women

– Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG): Often used to confirm pregnancy.

– Ferritin and Iron Tests: Particularly for women of childbearing age, to monitor for anemia.

– Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test: Women are more prone to thyroid disorders.

– Breast Cancer Genetic Testing: Depending on family history and other risk factors.

Remember that the necessity for specific blood tests can depend on various factors including age, lifestyle, medical history, and more. Be sure to consult with FRESH MEDIQ for accurate and personalized advice.

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“Very professional service here. I have been suffering from some headaches and lethargy after recently getting over COVID, so I got the kratom to help significantly with the headache and energy levels. I also got some glutathione intravenously, and two days later, my COVID symptoms disappeared. Moreover, the price of kratom was very fair. But what I liked most was the dispensary honey which helped me get a good night’s sleep!”


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“The best clinic for stem cell therapy. I came here for MSC stem cell drip and for knee pain. Since I did MSC stem cell I have a very good feeling can sleep very well and my knee pain better. I also drip Mayer cocktail and liver detox. I plan to do Placenta female hormone and stem cell for my facial skin. All staff so great and the best service. I love fresh mediq so much. Recommend.”


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“I have visited this clinic many times now for different treatments, the clinic is very professional but also very friendly. The staff is amazing, very friendly and helpful and always look after you. Dr. Nuttamon Le Men MD is awesome, she truly loves what she does and it shows, she speak great English and will explain exactly what the procedure is about and how it is performed. I personally recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking for one of their many treatments or services offered.”



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