Located in Pattaya Jomtien Thailand, FRESH MEDIQ is an innovative Cannabis Dispensary & Anti Aging Clinic specializing in Stem Cell Therapy, IV Vitamin Drips and Aesthetic Beauty.


Harvard Medical School, Boston USA

Dr. Nuttamon Le Men MD, the Medical Director of FRESH MEDIQ, is an alumni of Harvard Medical School with a Post Graduate Diploma for Leadership in Medicine 2021 (HMS-LIM SEA 2021). Successfully completing her study at Harvard Medical School with the capstone project titled Developing an Innovative Liposuction Center for FRESH MEDIQ.


Natural & Innovative Health

We dispense medical grade Cannabis & Kratom that has revolutionized pain management and disease control. We also perform regenerative therapy like Stem Cells, Hormones & NAD+.


Professional & Friendly Staff

All of our staff are highly experienced in medical healthcare and fully vaccinated against Covid-19. We use updated medical technology and we take pride in being the experts you can trust.


Welcome to our Pattaya Clinic

Pattaya Jomtien is the perfect location to care for both Thai and International patients. We are located on the same soi as Pattaya Immigration and right across the street from Kiss Food and Drinks on Jomtien 2nd Road.

FRESH MEDIQ measures 170 (~560ft²), complete with a 3 bed combined treatment room, operation room, and post-op recovery room. Patients can also enjoy a hot cup of kratom tea in our lobby seating area.

What Patients Say

I’m so excited to get back to my treatments with the best Doctor in Thailand, Dr. Ann!! I’ve missed her and the team at FRESH MEDIQ so much! So very professional and caring. I'm so happy to have the Dream Team back together again! You guys are AMAZING!



United Kingdom


Innovative Health Care is Our Mission

– Reflections of Perfection –

Eng 092 971 5159


Thai 092 471 9159